eBibleStudy.org is a collection of unique and totally free teacher’s guides for classes on a wide range of Bible topics, created by professors of Bible at Oklahoma Christian University. All these materials have complete instructions for the teacher including the objectives for the class, a detailed outline to follow for each class session, and often, worksheets and quizzes the teacher can use to make the class a stronger learning experience. Some of the sets even provide PowerPoint slides to use in class.

As of early 2014, people from around the world have downloaded over 80,000 bible studies through our website! The sets of thirteen teacher outlines per topic are suitable for high school and adult classes for Sunday Bible class, mid-week studies, women’s classes, small group studies, and even for Bible classes at Christian schools.

The eBibleStudy website offers series on different Bible books as well as topics such as the Parables of Jesus, Choices that Determine Destiny, Sharing your Faith, and Understanding Scripture.

Oklahoma Christian University provides eBibleStudy as one of its free services to churches.

There is no charge for downloading this material, making a copy for the teacher, or making copies of worksheets for students if provided.  Oklahoma Christian University is happy to provide these materials as a service to churches and to make them available without any charge.  You are free to download them and even to modify them for your own use if necessary.  These lessons, however, should not be made available for sale and it would be appropriate to credit Oklahoma Christian for providing these materials when you use them.

-Stafford North
Distinguished Professor of Bible
Oklahoma Christian University