Curt Niccum

Curt Niccum

Curt Niccum, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 
Abilene Christian University

Dr. Curt Niccum was educated at Lubbock Christian University, Abilene Christian University, and the University of Notre Dame (PhD, Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity 2000).   He taught at Oklahoma Christian University as an Associate Professor of Bible from September 1997 through August 2008, during which time he developed lessons for eBibleStudy.

Curt currently teaches Greek and New Testament textual courses at ACU. He also teaches frequently at the Institute for Theology and Christian Ministry in St. Petersburg, Russia. Curt’s area of specialization is textual research. He has done work for a number of international collaborations including the Dead Sea Scrolls Project (for which he edited one of the scrolls of Daniel), the International Greek New Testament Project (for which he collates manuscripts), and the International Project on the Text of Acts (for which he studied the origin of the Greek text underlying the Ethiopian Version of the book). His work has been published in Discoveries in the Judaean Desert (the official publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls), in Festschriften, and in several scholarly journals.

He and his wife, Deborah, have a special heart for children, having served as foster parents for many children. They also have a keen interest in missions, especially in Europe. Deborah grew up on the mission field near Vienna, Austria, and works as the Administrative Coordinator for the Halbert Institute for Missions.


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