Harold Shank

Harold Shank

Harold Shank, Ph.D.
Ohio Valley University

Harold Shank serves as the President of Ohio Valley University, an institution associated with Churches of Christ located in Vienna, West Virginia. Before becoming the school’s ninth president, Shank served as a minister for 32 years and also taught at Oklahoma Christian University as a Professor of Old Testament from June 2006 through May 2011 at which time he developed lessons for eBibleStudy. Author of seven books, Shank is also the national spokesperson for Christian Child Care. He has a doctorate in Old Testament studies from Marquette University. Harold blogs about children and ministry on his website: www.haroldshank.com.

Harold is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian with a B.A. in Bible. He received his M.A. and M.A.R. from Harding University Graduate School of Religion. His Ph.D. in Theology is from Marquette University.

Since 1996 he has also been the national spokesperson for Christian Child and Family Services Association. This organization represents about 70 childcare agencies across the nation.

Harold and his wife, Sally, have two adult sons, Daniel and Nathan. Harold and Sally are members of the Camden Avenue Church of Christ in Parkersburg, WV.

EMAIL: harold.shank@ovu.edu

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