Jim Baird

Jim Baird

Jim Baird, D. Phil. (Oxon.)
Professor of Bible and Philosophy
Oklahoma Christian University

Dr. Baird graduated from Oklahoma Christian College in 1978 with a bachelors in Bible and English.  While attending school, he preached for the Church of Christ in Maud, Oklahoma.  He received his theology degree from Harding Graduate School of Religion in 1982. 

His areas of major interest at Harding Graduate School were Christian evidences and historical theology.  In August 1992, Jim was awarded his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford.  His dissertation was a new argument confirming the existence of God based on some newly discovered limits on the ability of science to explain human thinking. 

Dr. Baird joined the College of Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Christian University in January 1992.  His areas of specialization are Christian evidences and philosophy of religion.  He has presented lectures on Christian evidences at many churches in the U.S., as well as in England, Poland, and Austria.  He has also written articles on Christian evidences in various books and journals.  Currently Jim is the director of the Honors Program at Oklahoma Christian University.

In addition to teaching apologetics at Oklahoma Christian University, Dr. Baird has been used as an adjunct in this subject by Austin Graduate School of Religion, Abilene Christian University, and Harding Graduate School of Religion.  Dr. Baird currently serves as the preaching minister for Wilshire Church of Christ in Oklahoma City.

EMAIL: jim.baird@oc.edu

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