Colossians - Lesson 13

By Stafford North

Where We Focus

Colossians 3:17

Background Information for the Teacher


  1. The student can repeat from memory Colossians 3:17.
  2. The student can explain how putting Christ in the center of one’s life will affect all aspects of life.
  3. The student will give thanks to God through Christ.


  1. Have worksheets ready.
  2. Have a chalkboard or marker board ready to write key words.
  3. All students should have access to a Bible.


All we do, whether in word or deed, should be done in the name of Christ.

Lesson Plan for Teaching the Class

Introduction: (10 minutes)

  1. Check roll, greet guests, make announcements.
  2. Did anyone tell the “Be There” story this week? Tell us about it.
  3. As we conclude our study from Colossians, we are focusing on a verse that, in many ways sums up the meaning of the book. Read Col. 3:17. Today we want to memorize this verse so let’s now say it together slowly and plan to remember it.
  4. Some say that much of what Paul says in Colossians is to refute what they call “the Colossian heresy.” This view holds that there were people in Colossae who were teaching that Christ was not “God in the flesh.” Whether this is true or not, it is true that the book of Colossians gives a strong endorsement of Christ both as God and as the center of a Christian’s life.

Learning Experiences: (25 minutes)

  1. Q: Look through Colossians and locate some verses that exalt Christ? A: Col.1:13-14. Into the kingdom of the Son he loves in whom we have redemption. Col. 1:15-20. He is the image of God. He is the creator of all things. He holds everything together. He is head of the church. He has supremacy in everything. Through Him God reconciled everything. Col. 2:2-3. Christ is the fulfillment of the mystery of God. In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Col. 2:6-7. Christ is Lord. We are to live in him. Col. 2:9-10. In Christ lives all the fullness of Diety in bodily form. Christ is head over every power and authority. And there are other passages we could note. Clearly, whether to refute a heresy or not, Paul makes it clear that we should exalt Christ above all.
  2. Read Col. 3:17. Let’s repeat it together. Q: What does it mean to do everything “in the name of the Lord Jesus?” A: To accept Him as our master and to act by His authority. John 3:16 says “whoever believes in Him might not perish but have eternal life.” Acts 2:38 says we are to “be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.” That is, by His authority, and to obey His command. Acts 3:6 tells that Peter healed the lame man “in the name of Jesus Christ.” Rom. 10:9 says that we are to confess Jesus as Lord. 1 Cor. 1:2 speaks of the church in Corinth as those who “call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” So we are to believe in the name of Jesus, confess the name of Jesus, be baptized into the name of Jesus, do our work in the name of Jesus, and call on the name of Jesus.
  3. Read Col. 3:17. Let’s repeat it together. Q: What does Paul mean by saying that everything we do “in word” should be done in the name of Jesus? A: All that we teach should be from Christ and by His authority. Since Christ authorized what the apostles said, what we teach should all come from Christ or one of His authorized agents. So, we should teach a person how to become a Christian “by the Book.” We should teach how to worship “by the Book.” We should teach how to organize the work of the church “by the Book.” We should teach how to live the Christian life “by the Book.” In fact, that might be a good phrase to use as our slogan-Everything by the Book. That is how we “teach in the name of Christ.”
  4. Read Col. 3:17. Let’s repeat it together. We are to do our “deeds” in the name of Christ. Q: If I work in an office setting, how would I make my deeds in the name of Christ? A: I would conduct myself with honesty and kindness. People could see by my life that I am living by a different standard than the world does. I would treat my customers or co-workers with respect. Q: If I am a coach, how would I make my deeds in the name of Christ? A: I would treat players with respect and would not mistreat them. I would be gracious to the players and coaches on the other team. I would accept a loss and help my team to accept a loss with grace. Q: If I am a homemaker, how would I make my deeds in the name of Jesus? I would help those in my neighborhood to have needs. I would create situations in which I could invite people to church and Bible classes. Q: If I am a parent, how would I make my deeds in the name of Jesus? A: I would make my highest priority to lead my children in the way of Christ, teaching them and demonstrating for them the Christian life. Q: If I am a husband or wife,how would I make my deeds in the name of Jesus? A: I would love my mate-putting his/her needs and desires above my own. I would care for him/her when assistance is needed. I would work with him/her to make our family strong.
  5. Read Col. 3:17. Repeat it together. Q: What does Paul mean by “giving thanks to God the Father through him?” A: Christ is the mediator and we give thanks through Him. Q: What are some things for which we should give thanks and tell what benefit comes from offering those thoughts of gratitude to God. A: Family. Binds our family closer together and makes us more likely to do the right thing with each of them. The Church. Tends to bring us closer together and to love each other more. Giving thanks for the church and its members will help us to be more unified. My job. Will help me to see that I have some good things about my job and be more satisfied with it. For my enemies. Will help me to remember to treat even my enemies as God would have me to do it. (More as you have time.)

Application: (5 minutes)

  1. Much of the previous time has been spent in application.
  2. Encourage the class to keep working to memorize Col. 3:17 and to think about it each day. Thinking on this verse can help us to keep Christ first in our lives, avery important focus.
  3. Prayer of thanksgiving to God through Jesus Christ.

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