Colossians - Lesson 4

By Stafford North

Where We Live

Colossians 1:13-14

Background Information for the Teacher


  1. The student can tell who rules in "the dominion of darkness" and in the "kingdom of light."
  2. The student can describe the "realm" of the two kingdoms.
  3. The student can describe the "results" of being in the two kingdoms.
  4. The student can identify someone with whom he/she would like to share this good news.


  1. Be sure to have the worksheets ready.
  2. Be prepared to do the review of the previous two lessons.
  3. Have access to a blackboard or a marker board.


Christians have left the kingdom of darkness, Satan's kingdom, where sin reigns and where people are destined for eternal punishment. They live, rather, in the kingdom of God's Son where they have light and freedom and where they are headed for eternal life.

Lesson Plan for Teaching the Class

Introduction: (15 minutes)

  1. Greet visitors, check the roll, make announcements.
  2. Give people a blank sheet of paper and ask them to draw on it the ten pictures studied in the last lesson.
  3. After about three minutes, let the class tell you what to draw on the board as you put the ten pictures there.

Learning Experiences (25 minutes)

  1. Read Col. 1:13-14. Q: What two kingdoms are mentioned? A: Kingdom of darkness and kingdom of light. Read Eph. 6:11-12. Q: Who rules in the kingdom of darkness? A: Rulers and authorities, the leader of which would be Satan. Q: Where did Satan come from? A: Jude 6 suggests that there were angels whom God created as good but who rebelled against Him and became agents of evil. (See also 2 Peter 2:4.) Q: Why is this kingdom called "darkness?" A: Read John 3:19-21. The deeds of those living in this realm are evil. These live in sin. Q: People in the world generally use this same distinction between light and dark. Can you think of an example of this? A: Star Wars-the dark side.
  2. Q: What scriptures suggest the eventual outcome of those who live in the domain of darkness? A: Rom. 6:23. Matt. 25:41, 46. Rev. 20:15.
  3. Q: So in the kingdom of darkness, then, who is the ruler? A: Satan. Q: The realm is described as what? A: Darkness. Sin. Q: And the results of living here are what? A: Eternal punishment.
  4. Read Col. 1:12-13 again. Q: Paul here places in contrast to this dominion of darkness an alternative which is described in what ways? A: Kingdom of light. Kingdom of God's dear Son, the Son He loves. Q: Did it exist at the time Paul wrote? A: Yes. He says that the Christians in Colossae are in it at the time he wrote. Q: Why is it important to note this? A: Because some say that when Jesus came He did not get to establish the kingdom He intended because the Jews turned Him down. So, they say, He will establish His kingdom when He returns. This will be the thousand year reign on earth. In contrast to this, however, Paul says that Christians are already in Christ's kingdom. Read 1 Cor.15:22-26. Q: What does this passage say about Christ's reign? A: He is reigning now and will end His reign when He returns, returning the kingdom to God.
  5. Now let's turn to the ruler, the realm, and the results of the other kingdom. The ruler, of course is Christ. It is the kingdom of the Son. Read 1 John 1:6. Q: How does life differ in this kingdom from that in Satan's kingdom? A: People live by the truth. Q: In practical terms, what does it mean to "live by the truth?" Q: People in sin think they are having the best life, but they are "in the dark."Those who follow God's word live the best lives because they are following God's advice about how to live.
  6. Q: Which of these two realms gives the most freedom to those who live in them? A: Those living sinful lives often think they have the most freedom because they don't feel confined by limits. They can do whatever they want. In truth,however, they are putting shackles on themselves. Q: Who has more freedom in facing a difficult illness? The sinner or the Christian? Q: Who has more freedom to face death? The sinner or the Christian? Q: Who has more freedom to live a full life in marriage? The sinner or the Christian? (Think Tiger Woods.)
  7. Read 1 John 1:7-8. Q: What two benefits are given here for those who "walk in the light?" A: Fellowship with one another and forgiveness of sins. Discuss the importance of these. Q: Do those who walk in the light still sin? A: Yes. Q:Then what is the difference between walking in the light and still sinning and walking in the darkness and still sinning? A: Those who walk in the darkness sin and want to sin. They are living in sin. They sin and do not care. Those who walk in the light, on the other hand, are trying not to sin. They occasionally stumble, but they are not living in sin. When they do sin, they confess their sin and get up and keep walking in the light. Those walking in the darkness sin and do not confess or seek to avoid sin.
  8. Read Col. 1:14. Q: What do those who are in the kingdom of God's Son have that others do not have? A: Redemption. Forgiveness. Those in this kingdom are, therefore, headed for eternal life.
  9. Q: Are the church and the kingdom of Christ and same thing? A: The same people who are in the church now are also in the kingdom. It was "the brothers in Christ" (1:2) that Paul said had been translated into the kingdom of the Son ofGod. There is a sense, however, in which the church and the kingdom are not the same. God had a special people in the Old Testament times which were His kingdom and after the Christian age is over and Christ returns the kingdom to God, there will be the heavenly kingdom (2 Timothy 4:18).
  10. So there are two kingdoms now. Satan rules in one and Christ in the other.One is the realm of darkness and the other of light. The result of one is eternal separation from God and the result of the other is eternal life with God.


  1. Q: What do you find encouraging from this lesson? A: That we are much better off in the kingdom of light. That we actually have more freedom there. That we have a much better hope as members of this kingdom.
  2. Q: What should we do to make this information more widely known? A: Teach our children which is better. Reach out to our friends and our community. Do more mission work abroad.


  1. Read Colossians 3.
  2. Review the ten steps. Think of being in Christ as also being in the body of Christ,the kingdom of Christ, the church of Christ.


Study the worksheet from today's lesson in preparation for an oral review at the beginning of the next class.

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