Daniel - Lesson 13

By Stafford North


Background Information for the Teacher


  1. The student can explain the historical circumstances surrounding the story of Daniel including key dates.
  2. The student can give five reasons why we can believe that the Daniel of the story actually wrote the book of Daniel.
  3. The student can tell the basic story of Daniel as related in the first six chapters of Daniel.
  4. The student can draw from memory the chart summarizing the five prophecies in Daniel
  5. The student can describe the qualities of God shown in the book of Daniel.
  6. The student can show how Daniel and his prophecies reveal how God was working out his plan to save people from sin.


  1. Have a chalkboard or marker board ready if you plan to use it. There is no PowerPoint for this lesson.
  2. Have copies of the Review Quiz ready for the beginning of class.
  3. Have copies of the prophecy summary chart to be filled in.
  4. Be sure all students have Bibles and pens/pencils.
  5. Have cards ready to distribute with all the passages you want someone to read aloud during the lesson.


In this lesson, we will seek to review the basic events in the life of Daniel, hisprophecies, his personal qualities, and what we have learned about God from this study.

Lesson Plan for Conducting the Class

Introduction: (about 10 minutes)

  1. Call or check the roll. Make necessary class announcements. We will have some songs during the lesson today and so will not have any at the first. Have a prayer.
  2. Go through the Review Quiz and let the students give the answers. All should check their papers as you go.

Learning Experiences: (about 35 minutes)

  1. You have been given a review sheet on the life of Daniel. Fill in as many of the blanks as you can as a way of summarizing what we have learned about his life. After five minutes, we'll take a moment to review the answers.
  2. Q: With the life of Daniel before us as an example, what is some specific application from Daniel's life that you hope to make in your own life? (Teacher: try to get five or six of these specific things that people in the class can do to be like Daniel. Do not be satisfied with an answer like-"Be more courageous."Ask for the specific situations in which the person can show more courage.)
  3. You have been given a sheet on "Who Wrote Daniel?" Fill in as many of the blanks as you can. After three minutes we will check the answers.
  4. You have been given a sheet on which to summarize the prophecies of Daniel. Complete as much as you can of this chart in seven minutes and then we will check the answers.
  5. Q: What are characteristics of God you have seen in the study of Daniel? Now let's sing together "I Stand in Awe."
  6. Q: How do Daniel and his prophecies fit into the total plan of God for salvation? A: Daniel represented God to the leaders of two major world empires. Danielwas a strong example to Jewish people of the hand of God at work among them. Daniel's prophecies about coming world empires shows the providence of God atwork among the affairs of nations. The prediction that during the days of the Roman Kingdom that God would Himself set up a kingdom helps us to understand the careful preparation God made in fulfilling His intent to bring salvation to us. This prophecy about the kingdom from six hundred years before it came shows God's patient unfolding of His plan. Read Ephesians 3:2-12. (Teacher: be sure to close with this last point even if it means cutting some of the other things short.) Close the class with the reading of the words of "God Moves in a Mysterious Way," and then the singing of the hymn.

Application: (included above)

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