Evangelizing Your Community - Lesson 13

By Stafford North

Look Around

Background for the Teacher


  1. The student can share with the class some recent evangelistic experience.
  2. The student can name at least one way in which he/she will practice evangelism.
  3. The student can explain God's role in the spread of the kingdom.


  1. Have a pen and paper for class.
  2. Have copies of the survey form to distribute.
  3. Read Chapters 11 and 12 in North's Evangelizing Your Community.


Each member of the body of Christ needs to make a commitment to some role in evangelizing the community. We also need to count on God's help in our work.

Lesson Plan for Conducting the Class

Introduction to the Class: (15 minutes)

  1. Call the roll and greet visitors.
  2. Prayer for the evangelistic efforts of the class and the congregation.
  3. Sing and evangelistic song.
  4. Reports from each student on his/her recent efforts at evangelism.

Learning Experiences: (30 minutes)

  1. Read 1 Corinthians 12:12_22. Q: Based on this passage, what are some reasons those in the church should be unified? A: All entered the body the same way; all have the same Spirit; all are members of the same body; all should work together for the same purposes.
  2. Q: What lessons do we learn from Paul's point that each of us is a member of the body? A: That every member has an important function; that we are all working toward the same end; that every function is important.
  3. Q: What does this illustration teach us about the evangelistic work of the church? A: That every member should have a place in this work; that there are many different roles to be filled; that everyone should appreciate the roles of the others.
  4. Now we are ready to ask for your commitment to some role in the evangelical work of this congregation. We are going to give you a survey that lists many different ways to contribute to our goal of reaching out to those around us. will take a few minutes for you to look over this form and note on it what role or roles you want to fulfill. After this, we will ask as many of you as wish to do so to share with us what you hope to do. (Allow time to complete the form.)
  5. Now that you have completed this form, write beside those items you said you would do the first step you will need to take: volunteer to some church leader or program, make contact with someone you want to reach, pray for what you plan to do, etc.
  6. We hope that you will share with us how you plan to work in evangelism. (Let people share what they have decided to do.)
  7. Read 1 Corinthians 3:5_9. Q: What lessons do we learn from this passage in evangelism? A: Different functions are required; each function is necessary; God provides the growth. 
  8. 8. Read Colossians 4:3. Q: What role does prayer have in this process? A: God can open doors for us; help us in our contacts, and even open the hearts of those we seek to teach.

Application: (2 Minutes)

  1. The goal of this class is to help every member find his/her place in the community outreach of this congregation. By this point, you should know what your role is going to be.
  2. Let's pray together that we will all live up to the commitments we have made about working to reach those needing Christ.

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