Evangelizing Your Community - Lesson 9

By Stafford North

Ministry Evangelism

Background Information for the Teacher


  1. The student can draw the Congregational Evangelism chart with four rings.
  2. The student can explain the role of the Evangelism Ministry in the local congregation.
  3. The student can determine whether he/she would like to be involved in something the Evangelism Ministry does in this congregation.


  1. Students will need paper and pencil to draw the chart.
  2. Read Chapter 6 in North's Evangelizing Your Community on Ministry Evangelism.
  3. You may want to have a minister or elder or a representative from your local evangelism committee come to the class session to help people be more informed about some things that are going on which they may not know about. The objective should be to help people know what it happening and to interest them in a higher level of participation in these areas.


In each congregation there needs to be a group of people who are devoting their special attention to local outreach. These people will give special attention to visitors, to training, and to making every ministry evangelistic.

Lesson Plan for Teaching the Class

Introduction: (15 minutes)

  1. Call the roll and note new people.
  2. Sing an evangelistic song.
  3. Pray for each member of this class to be evangelistic and for the congregation as a whole to do more to reach out into the community.
  4. Ask for students in the class to report on their conversational evangelism done during the past week.

Learning Experiences: (30 minutes)

  1. Take your paper and pen and let's add another ring to the Congregational Evangelism chart-Ministry Evangelism.
  2. Every congregation needs a group (a committee, a ministry) which gives specific attention to the congregation's work in local evangelism. Today we will discuss some of the things such a group should do. We'll also ask what is being done in this congregation about these things.
  3. Q: Does this congregation have a local evangelism ministry (committee)?
  4. One of the activities of such a committee is to be certain that each visitor feels welcome. Q: What are ways to make visitors to this congregation feel welcome? Q: Do you think we need to do better in this area? Q: What do we do to collect information on visitors and to follow_up?
  5. Q: Do you think we have very many members who used to attend who do not come here anymore? Q: What are things we could do to bring these back? Q: Do we have a plan to do this?
  6. Q: Do we have events to serve the needs of members of our community? Q: Do we have ways to follow_up with those who come?
  7. Q: Do we have events that give us special opportunities to connect with non_members? Q: What are some other things we might try?
  8. Q: Do we have or do we need a special Bible class for "seekers" or those who have recently become members?
  9. Q: Are our ministries in benevolence, education, youth and other areas using their ministries in ways that help the outreach of the church? Q: How might they do more of this?
  10. Q: Do we do enough training to prepare people to do work in evangelism-doing conversational evangelism, teaching home Bible studies, and other areas of evangelism?
  11. The things we have discussed today are activities which a Local Evangelism Ministry would oversee.


  1. Q: Are you interested in being a part of any of the areas we have discussed today?
  2. Note on your sheet things you want to do in ministry evangelism: I would like to help follow_up on visitors, I want to help retrieve those who have fallen away, I want to serve on the local outreach ministry.


  1. Keep using conversational evangelism and be prepared to report on it at the next class meeting.

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