Follow In His Steps - Lesson 1

By Stafford North


“Follow in his Steps”

Background Information for the Teacher


  1. The student can quote the following phrase and cite its source: “leaving you an example that you should follow in His steps” (1 Pet.  2:21).
  2. The student can quote the following phase and cite its source:  “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 2:5).
  3. The student can explain why we need to use Jesus as our example.
  4. The student can repeat from memory five ways in which we should seek to “follow in His steps.”


  1. Have a 3 by 5 index card for each student.
  2. Have pencils/pens available as needed.
  3. Cut out about 15 footprints and stick them on the floor of the classroom where class members can line up and step on the footprints.
  4. Have access to a board so you can write something on it.
  5. Have the words for the first verse of Footprints of Jesus—either songbooks or printed out.

Theme:  We should follow the command to “follow in His steps” by focusing on five qualities of Jesus:  Tell, Serve, Exemplify, Pray, and Sacrifice.

Lesson Plan for Conducting the Class

Introduction:  (15 minutes)

  1. If this is a new group of students, spend a couple of minutes in getting acquainted.  Let each person tell his/her name, if that is appropriate for the number or, if not, let each person introduce himself/herself to those sitting nearby.
  2. Introduce visitors (and have a plan for making future contact with them).  Make necessary announcements.
  3. Have a prayer for the class.  If there are those in the class with special needs, remember them.
  4. If appropriate for the group and if you have cut out the footprints, ask class members to line up and walk on them and then return to their seats.
  5. Q:  Based on what you have done, what are we going to study this quarter?  A:  Following in the steps of Jesus.
  6. Sing the first verse of “Footsteps of Jesus.”

Learning Experiences:  (20 minutes)

  1. Someone read 1 Pet. 2:20-22.  Q:  Why does Peter suggest that Christians should be willing to suffer for doing good?  A:  Because that is exactly what Christ did.  Q: In what two ways does Peter express the idea that we should be like Jesus?  A:  We are to follow His example, and we are to walk in His steps.
  2. Q: In what specific qualities does Peter say we should seek to be like Jesus?  A:  Suffering, not sinning, telling the truth.
  3. Read 1 Pet. 1:15.  Q:  Who is “he who called you?”  A:  Christ.  Q:  What quality did he have that we should seek to have?  A:  Holiness.  Q:  What does it mean to be holy?  A:  To be set apart.  To be different.  And thus to be morally clean, pure, upright.
  4. Read Phil. 2:5.  Q:  What attitudes do the verses around this statement show that Jesus had?  A:  He humbled Himself.  He sacrificed much to leave heaven to come to earth and die.
  5. In our study this quarter, we are going to focus on how we can become more like Jesus and, in so doing, to become more fully engaged as Christians.  Our lessons will seek to clarify in our minds qualities Jesus had, study how we can demonstrate these same qualities, and then to commit ourselves actually to taking action to be more like Him.  By the time this series is finished, the elders hope that each of you will have found some specific steps you will take to be more like Jesus in each of these five ways.
  6. I will write on the board five letters.  Each of these is the first letter in a word that describes something Jesus did in which we should follow in His steps.  So here are the five first letters. (Write them vertically along the left side of the board with space to the right for you to record possible answers.) 
  7. Here are the ones which we will use for this series of lessons.  Serve, Tell, Exemplify, Pray, Sacrifice.  Let’s repeat those together.  You should begin now to  think of how Jesus did these things and how you should be sure that you are following in His steps to—Serve—Tell---Exemplify—Pray—Sacrifice.
  8. Q:  Why should we use Jesus as our example?  (Let the class give several answers and write the key words on the board.)  A: (Possible answers might be because (1) we are told to do it, (2) He was perfect in every way and so sets a model for us to follow, (3) we need show how Jesus has made a change in our lives, (4) demonstrating what Jesus was like will draw others to Him, (5) our lives will be much happier if we are doing what Jesus shows us to do, (6) becoming like Jesus will make Him happy.

Application:  (10 minutes)

  1. Q:  What is a famous book that tells a story about people who were seeking to follow the example of Jesus?  A:  In His Steps.  Q:  Can anyone tell us about this book?  A:  (In this book a preacher challenges people in his congregation to take a pledge that before taking any action, they will ask “What would Jesus do?”  The story then tells what happens in the life of a singer, a newspaper owner, a banker, a college president, and a rich woman, as well as the change in made in the preacher.  The idea of the WWJD bracelets came from this book.
  2. Q:  What activities we do would be affected if we are using Jesus as our example?  A:  (Be sure all of these are mentioned even if you have to insert some of them.) How we work on our job, raise our children, do our recreation, watch our TV and movies, read our books, choose our language, treat our neighbors, spend our money, and treat our spouses.  (Discuss these changes as time allows.)
  3. Even as we begin this study, let’s each promise that we will look for ways to do a better job to “follow in His steps.”
  4. Let’s review what we are to memorize.  (Repeat the verses a couple of times.)
    1. 1 Pet. 2:21.  “Leaving us an example to follow in His steps.”
    2. Phil. 2:5.  “Your attitude should be the same as that in Christ Jesus.”
    3. Now let’s say the 5 ways we are to follow in His steps.  Serve, Tell, Exemplify, Pray, and Sacrifice.


  1. Here is a card for each of you.  Write on it at the top our five words for STEPS.
  2. Carry that card with you all the time—in your purse, in your pocket, in your wallet where you can see it.  Let it be a reminder of our study. 
  3. As you may see an example of either something you do to be like Jesus or someone else is doing, note it on your card so you can mention it later to the class.

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