Follow In His Steps - Lesson 12

By Stafford North


We Sacrifice—Lesson 1 

Background Information for the Teacher


  1. The student can explain some ways Jesus sacrificed for us.
  2. The student can quote Phil. 2:7—“He made himself nothing.”


  1. Have words and music for the song “Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?”
  2. Have a board available.
  3. Before class, on the board write the five reasons Jesus prayed.

Theme:  As Jesus made monumental sacrifices for us, we need to make sacrifices for Him.

Lesson Plan for Teaching the Class

Introduction:  (10 minutes)

  1. Check the roll and welcome the visitors.
  2. Ask the students to repeat together the five ways we need to follow in His STEPS.
  3. Ask each person to read the five reasons Jesus prayed and spend about two minutes in silent prayer as each one prays in these ways.
  4. Read the words to the first verse of “Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone,” then sing the verse slowly.

Learning Experiences:  (20 minutes)

  1. Read Phil. 2:5-8.  Q:  In what ways does this passage say that Jesus made a sacrifice?   A:  (Write the answers on the board.)  (1) Sacrificed existing in the divine form of equality with the Father to take on human flesh.  (2) Not only did He take on the lowly human form, but He was humble—born in a stable to poor parents.  (3) He was even willing to die like other human beings.  (4) His death was in the most painful and despised form, death on a cross.
  2. Q:  How would you describe the difference between being the second person of the Trinity in heaven and coming to earth to do what Jesus did?  A:  The two are as far apart as they possibly could be.  The passage is seeking to show us how much Jesus gave up to do what He came to earth to do. How much He sacrificed!  This must be considered the greatest sacrifice that has ever been made. 
  3. Read John 3:16.  Q:  What did the Father sacrifice?  A:  He sent His only Son to earth to go through a terrible ordeal.   Both Father and Son made a huge sacrifice.  Q:  What is a great sacrifice you can think of in human history and how does it compare to this one?  A:  A father who sacrifices his life to save a child from a flood.  A soldier who falls on a hand grenade to save his buddies.  Etc. These are truly great sacrifices, but do not compare with what God and Jesus did for us.
  4. Q:  Why did God and Jesus make such a sacrifice?  A:  Because they loved us and did not want to be separated from us throughout eternity.  So they wanted to provide for us a way of escape from the consequences of our sins. 
  5. Read Luke 9:23-24.  Q:  What does Jesus mean by saying we must “deny ourselves?”  A:  There are things we must give up for Christ.  For Him we must accept a new set of priorities.  We must give up living a sinful, immoral life.  We must become unselfish.  We must do things out of appreciation for Christ.  Q:  What does Jesus mean by saying we must “take up our cross?”  A:  The high point of Jesus’ sacrifice for us was when He was willing to go through all of the suffering, humiliation, and disgrace of the cross along with His separation from God.  “The cross,” then becomes a symbol of all He sacrificed for us.  And each of us must be willing to follow Him with his/her own sacrifice. 
  6. Q:  What specific statements did Jesus make about ways in which He expects us to sacrifice?  A:  (Let the class mention these if they can but whether they do or not, study these passages.)  Read Luke 14:25-27.  We are to hate our father and mother and even our own lives.  This means simply that by comparison, we love God so much more than our parents and even our own lives.  I am not to let my parents keep me from obeying Him and I should be willing to give up my life for Him if necessary. Read Mark 10:29-30.  Q:  What sacrifice does Jesus expect of some? A:  That they would leave home, family, and possessions for their faith in Him.

Application:  (15 minutes)

  1. We know of people who have made these big sacrifices for Jesus and some of us may have made these or others like them.  Of course if someone must leave family to follow Jesus, they need to do that and they will be rewarded greatly.
  2. Most of us, however, are not called on to sacrifice in this way.  For a few minutes, let’s share about people we know who make daily sacrifices for Jesus.  (You may get answers like this—June spends many hours a week in preparing to teach her children’s class; Henry goes to the jail to teach each week which means not only spending time but going to a place that is not easy to go; Beverly spends many hours each week caring for her aging mother; Sam writes letters to missionaries each week; Linda works hard to find someone with whom to be having a one-on-one Bible study all the time; Paul is a doctor who spends much of his day off working in a free clinic; Geneva does hospital visitation by going to sit with those having surgery and then doing follow-up visits with them; Don is an elder who gives major time in meetings and in visitation; Anne prepares food for those who need a meal; and there could be many more.


  1. Next week will be our last lesson in this series.  I am giving each one of you a new card.  On it this week, I want you to write what you are going to do to increase what you do to Serve, Tell, Exemplify, Pray, and Sacrifice as a result of this class.

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