Follow In His Steps - Lesson 2

By Stafford North


Jesus Serves 

Background Information for the Teacher 


  1. The student can repeat from memory the five qualities of Jesus which we should follow.
  2. The student can repeat from memory two of the verses which tell us to follow Jesus—1 Peter 2:21 and Phil. 2:5.
  3. The student can tell of how Jesus served many people during his life.
  4. The student can recount the occasion when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet.
  5. The student can explain that Jesus’ greatest act of service was His dying on the cross to take on Himself the sins of the world.


  1. Have a bowl with water in it and a towel to demonstrate Jesus act of washing feet.
  2. Be prepared to write words on the board.
  3. Be prepared to sing the first verse of “Footprints of Jesus. 

Theme:  “The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Lesson Plan for Conducting the Class:

Introduction: (8 minutes)

  1. Check attendance and welcome visitors.
  2. Ask the class to recite the five ways in which we should be like Jesus.
  3. Sing the first verse of Footsteps of Jesus.
  4. Prayer that includes asking God to help us to be more like Jesus.

Learning Experiences:  (32 minutes)

  1. Read Matt. 20:28.  Q: What are some specific occasions in Jesus’ life when He served people?  A:  Healing of 10 lepers, making the blind man see who washed in the Pool of Siloam, raised Lazarus, feeding of the 5,000, etc.  (Let people mention various occasions for a few minutes.  You can comment on each one to show how it served people—feeding of the 5,000, for example, fed hungry people who were away from any place where they could go for food.).
  2. Q: What do we learn about Jesus from these occasions?  A:  That He wanted to help people.  That He loved people.  That He was humble enough to serve.
  3. Read John 13:4.  Q:  What did Jesus demonstrate when He washed the disciples’ feet?  A:  That He was willing to do the lowliest task to help someone.  That serving others should be a top priority with us.
  4. Read John 13:14.  (Hold up a bowl of water and towel.)  Q:  Is Jesus telling us to have a foot-washing ceremony in a worship service?  A:  No.  Q:  Then what does He mean by telling us to do as He did in washing the disciple’s feet?  A:  We are to be willing to do the most humble task to serve others.  Q:  Would you be willing to take this bowl and towel and actually wash someone’s feet.  A:  If that is what someone needed, that would be a good thing to do.  Q:  What would be some other things we might do that would fulfill what Jesus is teaching here?  A: (Seek answers like the following and write them on the board.)  Polish someone’s shoes.  Care for an elderly parent.  Mow the lawn of someone who cannot do that for themselves.  Take someone into our home who has just gotten out of prison to help them adjust to being in their new life.  To help a neighbor fix his car.  To run errands for someone not able to do that.  To pick up someone and bring them to church.
  5. Q:  What would motivate us to do things like this?  A:  To be like Jesus.  To love our neighbor.  To show fellowship among believers.  To demonstrate to the world what it means to be a Christian.
  6. Read Phil 2:5-8.  Q:  What does this passage teach about some things Jesus did to serve?  A:  He left heaven.  He became a human.  He suffered by dying on the cross.  Q:  Why did He do these things?  A:  To serve us by becoming the ultimate sacrifice for sins.  Q:  Why did He do this?  A:  Because He loved us and we needed help.
  7. Q:  What are some examples in the early church of Christians carrying out Jesus message to serve each other?  A:  Jerusalem church when people sold their possessions to care for the poor.  Barnabas.  When Paul raised money from Gentiles to take to care for poor Jews.
  8. After the church grew throughout the Roman Empire, there were plagues that swept across the Roman world.  During these times, Christians not only took care of their own but often risked their lives to serve others who had the plague.  This impressed many people and brought many to Christ. 

Application:  (5 minutes)

  1. Q:  If you could paint a picture of Jesus as a servant, what would you paint?  A:  Touching a leper to heal him.  Feeding 5,000.  Washing feet.  Carrying the cross.
  2. Q:  Why would the Lord of the universe come as a servant?  A:  Because He loved us. To demonstrate how we also should serve.  So He could die for our sins.  A religion made up of people who all want to be rulers over people would not be a very good religion.  One of the very distinctive features of Christians is their desire to serve


  1. Our next two lessons will deal with how we are called to serve like Jesus did.
  2. Still have your cards given out last week?  Anyone need a card?  Be noting on your card examples of people you know who are follow in Jesus steps by serving.  We will ask you to share some of these cases in the next two weeks.

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