Follow In His Steps - Lesson 7

By Stafford North


We Tell—Part 2 

Background Information for the Teacher


  1. The student can analyze 2 Cor. 5:14-21.
  2. The student can list useful ways to tell about Jesus and His church.
  3. The student will commit to doing two ways to tell about Jesus and His church.


  1. Have access to a board on which to write key words.
  2. Have copies available of the song “Living for Jesus.”
  3. Have a blank sheet of paper for each student and some extra pencils for those who need one.
  4. Have copies ready of the suggestions on ways to tell.
  5. Since part of the class will be a study exercise in one passage, have some extra Bibles in case somebody needs one.

Theme:  His love constrains me to be an ambassador for Jesus.

Lesson Plan for Conducting the Class

Introduction:  (10 minutes)

  1. Check roll and welcome visitors.
  2. Anyone have some good news you would like to share?
  3. Prayer that we will serve and tell and for other class requests.
  4. Let’s repeat together the five ways we want to follow in His steps.
  5. We are studying “tell” and had a lesson about how Jesus was one who went about telling.  Then we had a study about how we should tell—the values of it and some of the ways to do it.  Today’s lesson will ask you to determine what you will do to “tell.”

Learning Experiences:  (20 minutes)

  1. We are going to begin today by studying 2 Cor. 5:14-21.  Turn to that passage.
  2. I am going to write six words on the board and want you to write them on your sheet, spread out so you have space to write underneath each word.  (Write on the board the following words:  Mistake, Misery, Means, Message, Motivation, Ministry.)  I am going to read the passage slowly and want you to note anything you see in the passage that relates to any of these words.  (Read very slowly the passage.  When you are finished, go through each of the words and ask what they got from the passage about that word.  Comment on each briefly, especially about Message, Motivation, and Ministry.)
  3. Mistake—Men’s sins counted against them (v. 19)
  4. Misery--the old (v. 17); if we need to be reconciled to God, we must have been separated from Him (v. 18).
  5. Means—Reconciled through Christ (v. 18), Christ became sin for us (v. 21).
  6. Message—“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come!”  “We implore you on Christ’s behalf:  Be reconciled to God” (v. 20).
  7. Motivation—“For Christ’s love compels us (v. 14).
  8. Ministry--“We are Christ’s ambassadors as though God were making his appeal through us” (v. 20).
  9. (Erase the words from the board.)  Now, let’s share about people you know who “tell.”  Mention the person and tell a brief story of how they “tell.”  Perhaps you have a story of yourself or someone else that you have written on your card.  (As each mentions some way of telling, write that way to tell on the board.)

Application:  (15 minutes)

  1. Here is a list of possible ways to tell.  There are others, but this list should get you to thinking.  We are going to read the list and ask that you mark how you now tell with an X and to put a check mark by ways to tell that you want to add to what you have been doing.
  2. Prayer about what people have marked.


  1. Start to do what you have indicated you would start.  Be ready to mention something next class period about how you have gotten started.

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