Leadership training - Lesson 7

By Stafford North

Planning a Devotional


To inform the class about how to plan a devotional period so they can plan various periods of worship.


  1. A devotional period is a time when songs, prayers, and scripture readings combine for a period of inspiration and meditation, usually around a central Biblical theme.
  2. A short talk or a communion service might also be included in such a period.
  3. A devotional period of this type is useful, first, to offer worship to God, and second, to inspire the individual, to draw him closer to God, to impress upon him a spiritual truth, and to improve the worship by making a time when concentration is easier. Subject Sentence: Effective devotional periods in public worship should be carefully planned.


  1. Find Out Where, When, Who, and How Long.
    1. Will the devotional be the entire service or only a part?
    2. What else will be on the program?
    3. How long should the devotional be?
    4. Who is to have a part in the devotional?
  2. Choose a Central Theme or Lesson.
    1. Select something simple such as “Jesus-Our Example” or “Faith” or “Hope”.
    2. Avoid difficult themes for this is a time primarily for inspiration not instruction.
  3. Locate Songs, Readings, and Ideas on the Theme.
    1. Use the song index at the back of the songbook.
    2. Use a concordance, reference Bible, or topical Bible for finding Scriptures.
    3. A sermon, tract, Bible lesson, or book of poems or readings may also give ideas on the subject.
  4. Arrange the Material into a Program that Fits the Occasion and Audience.
    1. Select the best of what you have found.
    2. Arrange readings, songs, prayers, and talks in an order which leads into the subject, carries the lesson, and closes with the thought rounded out.
    3. Be certain that all the items flow smoothly from one into the next.
    4. For a twenty-minute devotional, plan an introduction, about four songs, two prayers, and three readings of five verses
  5. Follow a Few Final Suggestions:
    1. Make copies of the program for each participant with his part clearly indicated; keep a master copy.
    2. Select the participants in plenty of time and urge that they prepare their parts and be on time, and be sure to tell them to notify you in advance if they cannot come.
    3. Come early enough to check to see that all who have a part are present and to be sure that each is clear on his part.


  1. A devotional period can be one of our most meaningful worship experiences and should probably be used more often in our worship.
  2. For our next class meeting, prepare a twenty-minute devotional service as described above. Turn this in to the teacher and let him check it and make suggestions.

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